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At Secquard we believe that a safe IT environment starts with accurate, timely and complete insights.

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Secquard brings you direct insights in the basic measures of your cyber security.

These basic measures are the first line of defense against cyber attacks, reduce damage of an incident and simplify recovery.

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Secquard provides insights in the basic measures of your cyber security. Makes sense, because having these measures taken care of reduces the chances of a cyber incident with about 80%. We love to help you gain accurate insights on aggregated as well as detailed level. By focusing on hardening, patching, antivirus and authorisations, you know exactly where you stand. All insights are available near-realtime and are often used for accountability and as an in control statement.


How it works

Secquard compares the actual security status of a system with the desired situation. This happens via two collaborative components: The scripts and the application. The scripts read out the required system information and send it to the locally installed application. The application processes the data and generates both management information and detailed reports. Secquard is available for all commonly used operating systems and the entire process is non intrusive. How you receive our reports? That is up to you!

How it works


At Secquard we have a lot of experience with organisations in e.g. government, healthcare, accountancy and managed services. We know your sector specific challenges like no other. Because of the tight relationships with our resellers as well as our end users, we have developed our product so that it exactly meets your needs.

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Our (local) governments have a large responsibility to establish and keep a safe way to provide information. This is complex as roles and responsibilities are not just diverse, but also constantly changing. Many specific laws and regulations are concerned with keeping our citizens' information safe. Secquard helps your organisation to prove you are in control of your cybersecurity.


Due to the confidential nature of medical data, healthcare professionals have an important task to monitor this information. In this context, healthcare organisations therefore often have to do with specific legislation and professional rules, which are often stricter than for other sectors. Secquard provides easy insight into the extent to which you comply with specific healthcare related regulations with regard to cyber security.


The contemporary accountant has attention for the reliability and continuity of IT systems in his auditing as well as in his advising role. Secquard is employed by auditors and consultants to quickly gain accurate insights in the essential and actual technical security measures of their clients. In this way you can judge objectively, increasing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of audits and advisory assignments.

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) increasingly form an important target to hackers, and more and more often act as an entry mode to the actual targets of cyber criminals: their clients. By using Secquard you show that cyber security has your priority, while you decrease risk for your clients.

Which model suits you best?

Secquard Enterprise works with yearly licences and is suited to clients with larger numbers of systems that are periodically analysed.

Secquard Easy2Audit works with single analyses, a pay-per-use structure and is mostly suited to accountants and certifying organisations.

secquard enterprise easy2audit

About us

Plain and Simple. Our vision at Secquard is that cybersecurity does not have to be complicated, as long as you start at the basics. The basic measures for cybersecurity are the digital dikes of an enterprise: These dikes protect against cyber incidents. When the basic measures are applied, chances of cyber incidents decrease with 80%, thus the first defences against cyber-attacks are now in place. When a cyber incident does occur, the basic measures also ensure that damage is limited, and recovery of systems is much easier.

About us


Secquard is an efficient application that puts you in control by providing insights in the basic measures of your cyber security. These basic measures put up your first defences against cyber-attacks, limit damage when an incident does happen, and make recovery much easier.

This prohibits stressful situations and saves costs. Due to the accurate insights you also make better decisions.

To convince yourself of the ease and effectiveness of Secquard, apply for a free demonstration.

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Our organisation is growing fast! At the moment we work with e.g. KPN Security. Moreover, we are looking for resellers in the Dutch as well as the international market.

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