Secquard provides insights in the basic measures of your cybersecurity.

These basic measures are your first line of defense against cyber-attacks, reduce damage in case of an incident and simplify recovery.

Our services

In the current IT landscape, it is harder and harder to gain a complete overview. This applies to taking the necessary cyber security precautions as well as complying with law and regulation.

Secquard is the tool that enables you to effectively and officially face this challenge. We bring the level of effort and complexity down from ‘gigantic challenge’ to ‘piece of cake’.

Secquard automatically and independently audits cyber security. The reports comprise graphical summaries and detailed reports and provide insights in the compliance level, risks, and mitigating recommendations. In this way, Secquard provides value to a variety of roles within the organization, such as IT-administrators and employees, managers, controllers and accountants.

The Secquard reports focus on the basic measures of cyber security and contain trend analyses.