About us

Secquard is a Dutch company that helps organisations to gain insights in the basic measures of their cyber security.

These accurate insights are easily communicated, or used to take action and reduce your chances of cyber incidents with 80%.

Our heritage: The conflict with water

The Netherlands is surrounded by water. As the land sits low, the water has been a threat to our population for centuries. Large areas of our country overflowed so regularly, that something had to change. Most of the floods came via the Zuiderzee and plans to contain it were already in place from the 17th century onwards. Though, the technology was far from far enough to realise such an ambitious project at that time. Then, Cornelis Lely submits concrete plans at the beginning of the 20th century. Construction was postponed for a while, but in 1932, after 5 years of intensive construction, the last hole in the Afsluitdijk was closed. The Netherlands was safe from the water! Or was it?

In 1953, a combination of a north-westerly storm and spring tide caused very large flooding. The dike was put through its paces and luckily held out. Unfortunately in Zeeland and North Brabant the dikes were transcended and offered no more protection. Nearly two thousand people and tens of thousands of animals died. This – now infamous – North Sea flood was the direct trigger for the construction of the Delta Works, which now together with the Afsluitdijk ensure that our low land is protected from high water.

Perseverance and innovative capability characterize the Netherlands. These characteristics enable a large part of our population to live effortlessly on the approximately 60% of the Dutch surface that would normally be regularly or even permanently submerged. Our dikes, pumps and polders ensure that a large proportion of our largest cities, inhabitants and economy can grow and flourish.

The conflict with cyber attacks

Just as the Netherlands was plagued by the persistent attacks of the water. Now, the whole world is besieged by a constant stream of cyber-attacks. According to the FBI, more money is currently being made in cybercrime than in the globally organised drug trade. CBS reports that cybercrime in the Netherlands has overtaken the traditional forms of crime. Cyber incidents are now the leading business risk with 39% (Allianz Risk Barometer, 2020). In short, cybercrime has unfortunately become an industry with deep pockets, its own research and development activities and a professionalisation that quickly surpasses traditional organised crime.

If you don't want to wait for your digital version of the North-Sea flood of 1953, it's important to protect yourself from cyber incidents now. But how do you know where to start? After all, cybersecurity is highly complicated, isn't it?

Secquard, plain and simple

Our vision is that cybersecurity starts with a good understanding of the basic measures. With Secquard, we prove that this doesn't have to be complicated at all.

When the basic principles are applied, the risk of a cyber incident is reduced by as much as 80%. The first barriers against cyber-attacks have now been erected. In addition, when an incident occurs, the basic measures ensure that damage is limited and system recovery is much easier. Meeting the basic measures could be compared to erecting digital dikes.

At Secquard, the Dutch innovative and decisive way of tackling problems is in our DNA. This has resulted in a great solution that helps you put the basic measures of your cybersecurity in order. We get you into control by providing accurate information about the current status of your cyber security basics and comparing against the desired situation. Gaining insights and communicating them to stakeholders within or outside the organisation is a piece of cake with Secquard.

Do you want to experience what it's like to be in control of your cyber security? Get in touch for a free, demonstration and convince yourself of the simplicity and effectiveness that Secquard has to offer.